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Mail me!

Send me feedback, feature requests, questions about how I made something, proposals for collaborations, you name it. Well, anything except spam of course.

My email address is: [email protected]

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Play together, create together

Because I create (local) multiplayer games, getting feedback and working together with my players is even more important. They literally can’t exist without a group of enthusiastic players.

  • Want to help me test my next game? Contact me!
  • Found a serious issue with a game (bug, crash, annoying mechanic)? Contact me!
  • Have your own ideas, proposals, feature requests? Contact me!
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This is the trusted online marketplace where all my video game projects can be downloaded and/or purchased!

I also regularly give feedback to others, update my games there, and participate in game jams.

Pandaqi on

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Whenever I make a new video game that’s professional enough, I will make trailers and perhaps devlogs for it. They appear on my YouTube channel.

Pandaqi - A GameDev Channel

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I maintain a blog with devlogs about literally all my game projects and updates at Pandaqi Blog.

The name “Pandaqi” comes from a tutorial website I started long ago. It has moved to a new address (a sub domain): Pandaqi Tutorials

I’m a registered freelance artist in the Netherlands: Portfolio. I also write books, create music, design picturebooks and websites, and some more creative stuff.

To know how to support me, visit the Support Page.

That’s all. You might find my name elsewhere, but know the account is not used or maybe not even me.