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Mail me!

My mailbox is always open for you: [email protected]

Feedback, feature requests, questions about how/why I made something, proposals for collaborations, you name it. Well, anything except spam of course.

Alternatively, mail me at: [email protected]. That’s the officially registered name for my business (in the Netherlands).

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Play together, create together

Because I create (local) multiplayer games, getting feedback and working together with my players is even more important. They literally can’t exist without a group of enthusiastic players.

  • Want to help me test my next game? Contact me!
  • Found a serious issue with a game (bug, crash, annoying mechanic)? Contact me!
  • Have your own ideas, proposals, feature requests? Contact me!
Itch bg is the online game marketplace where all my projects can be downloaded and/or purchased!

I also regularly give feedback to others, update my games there, and participate in game jams.

Pandaqi on

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Whenever a new game is published, trailers (and related material) will appear on my YouTube channel. I might also create devlogs, depending on the project.

Pandaqi - A GameDev Channel

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I am a (general) freelance artist in the Netherlands: Rode Panda - Portfolio

I also write books, create music, design picturebooks and websites, and some more creative stuff.

The name “Pandaqi” comes from a tutorial website I started long ago. It has moved to a new address (a sub domain): Pandaqi Tutorials

Similarly, I blog about what I do at Pandaqi Blog.

You might also find me on other platforms (Twitter, GameJolt, Discord, etc.) These accounts are rarely checked or updated. I believe in having a strong core platform (my own website + and a single communication channel (email), instead of creating and managing accounts all over the place, without really using those websites myself.