[Devlog] Totems of Tag

4 days ago

Welcome to another devlog about a "One Week Game"! (Which are, unsurprisingly, games completely developed in a single week.)

This one is about Totems of Tag. (Click the link to visit the official page. The game is for 2-4 players and free on all platforms.)

The first one week games were "A R...


One Pizza the Puzzle

7 months ago

Here you can find the devlogs for my One Paper Game called One Pizza the Puzzle

It contains a devlog (with 7 parts) and a technical devlog (to be determined ...)


[Devlog] I Wish You Good Hug

3 weeks ago

Welcome to my "devlog" or "What I've Learned" for my latest game: Huggy Bastard.

Because the Play Store doesn't like it when you use the word "bastard" in kid-friendly games, I decided to change the name to I Wish You Good Hug on most platforms/websites. But the original project title was a si...


[Devlog] A Recipe For Disaster

3 months ago

Last week, I created A Recipe For Disaster. A couch co-op game for 1-4 players, for literally all ages and skill levels, about running a bakery.

You can download it here (for free, any platform except iOS): A Recipe For Disaster - on itch.io

(You only have two buttons to learn, move and th...


Unstable Universe

7 months ago

This page lists all articles related to my game Unstable Universe

It currently has a devlog (7 parts) and technical devlog (3 parts). Enjoy!