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Pick any game you like! It's free, it's fun, I love seeing people enjoy my games.

Some of these games are available in multiple languages (because I'm actually Dutch), but don't worry, I translated each of them manually and tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Copyright? I maintain the motto "Don't steal my games, share them". Feel free to play these games, share them with others, customize them to your liking, and let them inspire you. Do not copy the name/concept, rules or graphic assets and/or present them as your own, especially not for commercial purposes. Credit me when talking about my work, to support the free creation of these games and to keep this website online.

Remark: The label "NMT" means "needs more testing". The game is tested and finished, but for whatever reason, I was unable to playtest the game in certain configurations. If you can, please play the game with your group and report the results!

Remark: For years, I also maintained a full list of all my boardgames (even the first ones I ever made), with Dutch explanations. This page still exists: Bordspellen

print 'n play

Print & Play

It means you can download the game files, print them yourself, and then play them — for free!

This system has a few obvious disadvantages: the components aren't as nice and game quality isn't guaranteed.

But there are also numerous advantages: you get free games, I can create any game I want (not just whatever is "commercially viable"), and games are constantly updated (using your feedback)!

frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Click on a game, any game.

This will take you to the official game page, with a big button labeled "Download".

Clicking it leads to a folder with all the files. (I use Google Drive, which is quick, freely accessible to anyone, and always works.)

The structure is always as follows:

  • Rules contains the rulebook
  • Files contains any files you need to print

Can I play offline?

Yes! Anytime, anywhere, even without a connection.

Because many of my boardgames have a digital component (sometimes optional, sometimes required), I do my best to make this website completely available offline.

When you visit a page (or play a game) for the first time, it will save all the code and resources on your device.

From that moment, you can disconnect from the internet, or my servers can crash, but it doesn't matter! You'll still be able to play the game. At any time.

Remark Of course, you must have visited the page at least once, otherwise nothing can be saved on your device yet. I can't do magic!

Remark On many mobile browsers, you can also add this website to your homescreen. This provides a quick link to the content, like it was an app you could open.

Can I help?

Of course! If you've tried a game, any feedback about the page, rules, files, whatever is welcome. I am human, I make mistakes. These games will only improve if I know what everyone is experiencing.

Additionally, because the games are free, but keeping a website online surely is not, I ask for financial support if you can give it. You could ...

Buy any of my video games (Pandaqi on They are all free, but you can "donate" by giving a tip when downloading.

Donate via PayPal:

Give me a project to do as a freelancer! I work as a writer, musician, graphic designer, programmer and some things in between. (Rode Panda - Portfolio)

Or you could support me via one of the big "Buy me a Coffee" websites:

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