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You receive a drawing of a cat. You have to change it into a farmer with just three lines. Others need to guess what on earth you did. A spin-off of That’s Amorphe.


What's the idea?

Each round, you’re teamed up (randomly) in pairs. You draw a word from your card, then give it to your teammate.

They must change your drawing to a different word (from their card). But only by some secret amount!

How do you change a dog into a house by a little bit? How do you turn a fireman into a teddy bear by a lot?

You score points only if the other players guess your secret number!

What do I need?

Three simple steps.

  • Click the “Download” button to find the Rules and Material.
  • Pick any one PDF with “word cards” (4 pages)—print it.
  • Read the rules (2 pages) and have fun!

Competitive? The game can be played cooperatively and competitively. For the second mode, however, you need one extra page of material (see “vote tokens”).

Want more? This website can generate new word cards for you!

Word Cards

Input your desired settings. The page will generate a PDF file with random word cards. Print them, cut them, play with them!

When in doubt, just leave the options at their default settings.

Turns the material mostly white / grayscale to conserve ink. How hard should the words be? Allows the cards to be used with the Actions expansion. Adds cities, countries and continents. Adds proper names of famous people, brands, events, etcetera. Overwrite the options below to include everything.


(Click to fold.)


It’s highly recommended to put a (strict) timer on the drawing rounds. Players might say they don’t want that: they are wrong 😉 It makes the game quicker, more fun, and prevents any “cheats” players will come up with (like making very detailed drawings).

You can use anything! Or use my simple timer page.

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This game is a spin-off of That’s Amorphe. Visit that page for more information!

The two games are very similar. In fact, you can reuse material if you want. But this version is slightly simpler, more immediate, and more accessible. (Most people can draw somewhat, while they might struggle to find words.) You might view it as a “sequel”.

Want to know how I developed this game? Check out the devlog.