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Ten ingredients, one correct combination.

A cooperative One Paper Game for 1–5 players about finding the right potion, where ingredients have wondrous effects and the High Witch is terrible at communicating.


How can I play?

Three steps.

  • Click the download button above to find the rulebook.
  • Grab a blank paper and pens.
  • Visit this website on a device.

There’s also a solo mode, a competitive variant and an offline variant (that doesn’t need this website).

How does it work?

Click here to unfold.


Input your settings. Click the button. Copy the gardens and ingredients to your paper.

Turns some cells into a special one! With expansions enabled, you'll need both sides of the paper (64 cells) to stand a chance!

The generator isn't working? Don't worry! The "Download" button also gives you PDFs with valid boards! (And a colorized game board, if you don't like blank papers.)

The High Witch

Input your settings, click the button. A new page opens with the interface for testing your potions!

Start the game with a free (cryptic) hint. Recommended. The secret recipe is always length four. But other ingredients make it harder to find it. Decoy ingredients can now be one of three different types.

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The digital part was made using standard website code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and the Phaser (v3) framework

As always, I wrote two devlogs about the development process of this game: