Ten ingredients, one correct combination.

A cooperative One Paper Game for 1–8 players about finding the right potion, in a world where ingredients can have wonderous effects and the High Witch is terrible at communicating.

Requirements: A blank paper! | Ages: everyone | Complexity: Easy | Playtime: 30-60 minutes


How can I play?

To play this game, you only need a blank sheet of paper and this part of this website.

The rules can be downloaded by clicking the Download button. They are only 4 pages for your first game, including nice images and examples, and a large font (because I like large fonts).

(If you don't like blank papers, there is a game board you can download and print. And if you don't like boardgames with an online component, don't worry, there is an offline version!)

How does it work?

Click here for an (extremely short) overview of the game rules.

Random board

Click the button below to randomly generate a game board! (Check the rules to see how everything works.)

Simply copy the gardens, cauldrons and ingredients below to your actual paper. I've already flipped the back side for you, so you can just copy that immediately (to the backside of the paper) as well.

If you've enabled special cells (higher difficulties), their explanation will appear underneath the board.

Generate Board

The High Witch

Welcome to the online High Witch! Click the button below to start a new game.

(Huh, what's this? This websites generates a random puzzle for you to solve. Read the rules for the full explanation.)

Use Potion

Start Game

Show Quest