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Odd creatures have sabotaged our electricity cables, leading to a blackout! Without energy, how will we defend ourselves? No longer able to look at screens all day, the humans put out a desperate cry for help.

That’s when the Windup Wizards arrived. They don’t need electricity. They don’t need power. You just wind them up, building and building energy, until you decide to release it.

Hopefully, they can turn the tide against this powerful invasion of Blackout Bunnies.

How to play?

You are a magical gust of wind. You can fly in any direction (until something stops you).

Flying past a knob rotates it that way, winding up whatever it belongs to, building their energy.

Flying into something unwinds it and makes them execute their actions! (Exactly as many times as they were wound up.)

Some buttons which are not taught in-game, but might be useful to you, are

  • WASD for movement also works
  • Q and E for rotating the camera

But how do I win?

Whenever a Wizard meets a Bunny, they remove it. Remove all to win!

(The first few levels start without wizards and other rules, to make the introduction of game mechanics easier.)

What to expect?

Windup Wizards is a

  • Casual puzzle game
  • Playable on Desktop and Mobile (using keyboard, controller, or mouse/touch)
  • With 16 worlds containing 5-10 levels each.
  • Without an upfront tutorial, as new mechanics are gradually introduced as you go
  • With a unique mechanic (winding up and releasing) …
  • … and many wizardy hats flopping around making bunnies disappear

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GoGodot Jam 2

This game was made for the GoGodot Jam 2. The theme was Energy Source, which ultimately defined the whole game from start to finish. (All creatures are an energy source that needs to be wound up to store energy, the unwound to release it and use it.)

It’s designed using Godot (surprising, I know). Everything is custom made by me (idea, code, models, sound, …)

I’ve written a devlog about the whole process: Windup Wizards (devlog)