Finger food header

Place your fingers on the best squares and score more pie points than your opponents! Playable with just a single paper, nothing else needed.


What do I need?

Generate a paper below. Print and play!

Or click the “Download” button to print one of the PDFs I already generated for you.


Input your desired settings and click "generate". Rules are explained on the board itself.

Turns the material mostly grayscale. Only turn off if you're familiar with all the rules.


(Click to fold.)
Adds squares with a special action when you pick them. Adds more ways to score by combining specific ingredients! Adds the element of money, causing longer and more tactical games. Adds restrictions to which finger you're allowed to use for something.

Not working? Don't worry! At the "Download" link, you can also find PDFs I already generated for you.


Yes, you really play with your hands! And yes, that means you might physically get in each other’s way, and people with large hands naturally have a slight advantage, and after a while you’ll need to move your head to see some obscured squares.

This game isn’t a 1-hour long tactical battle—it’s a fun game to play in ten minutes that needs no other preparation or material whatsoever.

Boards are as balanced and pretty as I can make them (through random generation code). If you don’t like the look of one, however, or think it’s unbalanced, just press the button again to generate another! It’s free! And fast!

To make sure we’re all on the same page, here is an image of how a single hand might be placed and how to score it (at the end of the game.)

Example of hand placement and scoring

At the end, you might want to take a picture (from above) or write down the fingers for each player on another paper. Especially if you have many players (4+), it can be tiring to keep your hand in a difficult position for a long time, or very hard to verify scores from your own perspective.


I’ve used the fonts Cherry Bomb One (headings, thick) and Quicksand (body, thin). They are both freely available from Google Fonts.

Everything else (idea, code, assets) are completely mine, with the exception of some ingredient and machine illustrations. For those a generative AI was used, although they were often (heavily) edited afterwards to keep a consistent style.

Want more details? Check out the devlog.

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