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The only game in which you’re allowed to cut the paper into pieces, especially when you are losing. A One Paper Game for 2–9 players.


“ What a cutting-edge game! ”
“ The second game about rocks, papers and scissors — and already a classic ”
“ This game cuts right through the crowd with its innovative mechanics and makes the efforts of its competition look paper-thin ”

What's the idea?

Click here to open the rules overview.

What do I need?

Three steps:

  1. Generate a random board below and print it.
  2. Read the rules (one page).
  3. Grab some pens, scissors and friends.

Concerned about ink? Only page 1, 3 and 4 of the rulebook are relevant for the base game. You can also generate “print friendly” boards.

Tip for Teaching? Explain the first page, immediately start playing! Simply place the node list on the table, so players can look up what something does whilst playing.

Tip for Cleanup? When done, you should have a bunch of puzzle pieces ( = all pieces of paper you cut off). Here’s the challenge: try to fit them back together to recreate the original paper! Sounds easier than it is :)

Board Generation

Input your settings below. Click "Generate Board", save the PDF, print it.

The same seed (max. 20 characters) will always produce exactly the same board. Everyone gets the same Mission, to simplify learning and teaching the game. Removes many decorational elements and turns the board (mostly) grayscale.


Not working? Don't worry. Click the "Download" button and you'll also find a folder with premade boards. Use one of those instead! (Also send me an email with details about what isn't working right.)

Secret board? The "Expeditions" expansion adds nodes that trigger whenever their piece of paper comes loose. If you are able to print double-sided, these nodes will be placed on the backside of the paper. This means the paper actually has secrets that will be revealed during the game! (Do a test print, though.)

Feedback & Credits

Found a mistake? Had a positive or negative experience? Other feedback?

Always let me know at [email protected]

Everything was made from scratch by me, Pandaqi. Except the font: it’s SciFly, created by Tomi Haaparanta.

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I wrote two detailed articles about the development of this game:

Unstableuniverse inaction 1 Unstableuniverse inaction 2

Two pictures of the game "in action". Some people in my play groups insist on using these way too complex icons, like a sheep or stick figure—I recommend just using simple shapes in your games. The bottom board is from an older version of the game, but the sunlight in the picture was really nice, so I decided to keep it on this page.