This category contains tutorials related to writing (both fiction and non-fiction), language, and producing written documents.

Want to learn how to write a book or script? Start with the Storytelling course. It provides a unique and practical way to look at writing and storytelling, which I’ve developed after producing 10+ books. It also contains links to more specific courses on topics like Plot and Character.

Need to produce a professional report? Check out my Latex course, the system used at most universities and institutions. Also great for displaying mathematics.

Looking to learn English? Check out my English course. In the future, a course about Dutch (my mother tongue) should also arrive.

I am a professional author, using my real name: Tiamo Pastoor. (Surprisingly, my real name is not Pandaqi.) My early work was all in Dutch, but newer work has appeared globally, written in English. You can find my books at basically all places that sell books!