Graphic Design

Graphic design is nothing more than making things look like they should. It’s present in every aspect of our lives, not just art or paintings. It’s about making things look pretty, but moreso about communicating information visually.

How do you make something look good? How do you convey the hierarchy of information through visual elements? How do you guide the reader through your text, highlighting the most important parts? How do you increase the aesthetics of a physical product?

At the end, you should be able to take any idea and flawlessly communicate it visually, as beautifully as possible. (In terms of design and hierarchy. We’re not trying to paint the next Mona Lisa.)

This course is divided into three sections or “subcourses”. They are best read in the order described, because each one builds on the previous.

Prerequisites: Software or tools with which to create graphics. Or a really, really strong imagination ;)