Learn to Code

This courses teaches you how to code and write programs. Even if you have no prior knowledge and no idea how any of this works. It’s short and simple, but will give you everything you need. (Early titles for this course were “programming for beginners” and “coding for non-computer-people”.)

How? By focusing on what actually matters. Programming is about solving problems by thinking logically. If you can break a problem down into tiny steps, telling the computer to do those steps—with code—is just the last part.

Many courses on programming start by explaining syntax, or theory, or the details of a specific language. This is useless to beginners, in my opinion.

This guide doesn’t do that. Instead, it gives you an intuition for problem solving, and how to tell a computer what you want.

I invented my own (very barebones) scripting language for this: “Bamboo”. It’ll be used for the many interactive examples. You can play around with it while learning!

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