Let’s recap. I taught you that sleep is crucial. You break down your body and brain during the day—sleep is needed to rebuild.

So be active! Do a lot when you’re awake! Exercise, be productive, go outside. That way, sleep will come more naturally, as your brain knows how needed it is.

The main sleep blockers are

  • What you put into your body
  • And your environment

Don’t eat right before bed, don’t look at screens or bright lights before bed, don’t take substances known to stir trouble.

If it helps you, read. If it helps you, create a habit of “favourite / positive thoughts”. As soon as you hit the pillow, reach for those thoughts, and don’t let any thoughts of work or worry in.

Have a nightly routine. One that helps you wind down, one that communicates to your brain “hey, I’d like to sleep in 30 minutes”.

Make sure your room is cold and dark. Ensure it has fresh air or a fresh scent. If possible, sleep with a partner, as that is how we’re meant to sleep.

And once you wake up? Use this amazing period at the start of your day to exercise and be productive. You are fresh, but also unfiltered. So use it to your advantage and don’t let bad thoughts or moods in.

Keep to a schedule. Consistently reach the minimum hours of sleep (7–8), you can’t “make up for lost sleep”. Many things we’ve come to accept as normal (like snoring), are actually the result of bad habits during the day and can be solved.

And that’s it. Hopefully these tips help improve your sleep hygiene. And even if they don’t, they’ll give a good indication of other things to try out.

Best of luck,


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