Fitness & Health

There’s this saying: “if there was a pill that could give you the same benefits as exercising, everybody in the world would take it”

But there isn’t such a pill. Exercising has too many advantages to name. More energy, more creativity, more motivation, better memory, better visual appearance, better sleep quality, happier, and so forth.

This course starts with the trifecta of health.

But health is so broad and important, that each part received its own (sub)course. Once you’ve read through the trifecta, expand your knowledge with the others.

I recommend reading the Productivity course as well. Finding motivation and discipline is half the battle for anything you want to accomplish.

Who are you? I’ve been chronically ill for almost my whole life. This means I’ve visited more hospitals, doctors, nurses, etcetera than most people will ever see. I picked up whole books worth of knowledge about health, which I amended with my own research and experiments.

Because, when your health fails and you are in pain all day, you’d try anything to resolve it.

Health doesn’t negotiate. Maintaining a good health is more important than anything. Once you drop the ball, it’s gone, and you often can’t fully get it back.

I hope the information in these courses save your life. I really think it’s that important.