Music Mixing

This guide is about how to turn music you’ve recorded into a finished, coherent masterpiece. Learn the basics of any DAW, how to edit and combine sounds, and how to use basic plugins and effects to enhance your song.

It’s about music mixing and mastering. Editing what you already have and turning it into a final song. Check my other guides for other parts of the creative musical process:

I’m a professional musician under the name Tiamo el Troubadour.

I’m far from perfect and have lots to learn. You’ll hear that. But that’s why I wrote this guide: to write down my lessons and obstacles as I recorded track after track. To help anybody else on this difficult—but hopefully rewarding—path!

I even built my own little software to give you interactive examples, right in the browser. What are you waiting for?

Prerequisites: The ability to play music or record something is nice.
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