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It’s dodgeball. Without any rules, and with a literal twist.

All players enter an arena. Hit your opponents with balls to remove lives. Only one can survive.

Each arena is different, powerups force you to think on your feet, and unique ball types keep games varied.

Players can control their throw power (by holding longer) and curve (by rotating). Or you can dash and tackle your way to victory.

Playable by anyone who just wants some fun. Enough strategy and skill to stay interesting.


The web version is playable for free on POKI. It supports keyboard input and 1–4 players.

You can buy the game for Windows/Mac/Linux. It’s playable with any combination of keyboard and controllers and 2–4 players.

Only two controls need to be learned: move around and throw the ball.

Mastering the game however, with all its weird ball types and curving shots, will take time. (And an extra button.)

The 1-week challenge

I love local multiplayer games. However, I tend to make projects TOO BIG, so I challenge myself to develop tiny ideas in just a week.

This is the third game made via this challenge. Below are links to the other games:

A Recipe for Disaster

I Wish You Good Hug

This game started with the simple idea: “what if I just create the game of dodgeball (which most people know from high school)?”

In the end, because of the limited time frame, I wasn’t able to create an extra mode that actually follows the common “rules” for dodgeball. Instead, there is only one “free-for-all mode”. Additionally, after creating the whole game, I’m pretty certain it would’ve worked better in 3D. So I might still make that.

And … well, this is awkward. The idea of “totems” barely made it into the game. I wanted to make the whole art style based on totems, but soon realized I didn’t know how to make it look good (in 2D, drawing the totems from all directions) within the limited time I had. So the updated version (in 3D) will probably have more of that theme :p

For my full thoughts about this game, read the devlog:

Totems of Tag: What I’ve Learned

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