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A Throneless Game game about helping your animal win the throne, aimed more at kids.


What do I need?

Three simple steps.

  • Read the short playful rules.
  • Download the base game PDF. (Download > Files > Base Game.)
  • Print, cut, play!

Want more? You can also generate your own material right on this website, to suit your specific needs.


Input your settings, click the button. A new page will open that generates a nice PDF for you!

Turns the material mostly grayscale. Picks a more neutral font for maximum legibility. Pick a predetermined set, or use none and pick your specific princes below!


(Click to fold.)

Check the rules to see how many Princes are recommended for each player count. Each choice adds ~1 page to print.

Not working? Or unsure what to do? The "Download" button above has PDFs I already made for you! Pick any one of those.


Check out the main overview page for Throneless Games for more detailed credits and background.

As stated on that page, this was the very first entry in the Throneless Games! It was also one of the very first games that could be generated right on this website. Because it was my first attempt, I knew it had mistakes and possible improvements, which is why I immediately planned to return a year later to “finish” the Throneless Games.

I’m glad I did, because simply returning with 1 more year of game development experience changed the entire game for the better. (Though that single year did contain the creation of 30+ games, so some improvement was to be expected :p)

The original version was fine, but lacked simple professional polish on the card design and game core. The second version feels like one of my simplest games that still has a lot of depth. (Even though it sailed past its original objective of being a Waitless Game, meaning you really have to play Kingseat at a table with chairs, otherwise it’s just impractical.)