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A series of games about secretly collecting the most votes, as the players constantly change seats to get to the elusive throne.


What's this?

This is the overview page of the Throneless Games.

Click any of the links below to visit a specific game. They are sorted based on simplicity.

  • Kingseat: The original version, with slightly more complicated setup and Princes.

Throneless Games

These games all have the same core mechanic (the “Throneless Mechanic”): you simultaneously vote every turn, and either your vote is registered OR you swap places with someone.

Besides that, each game includes completely unique mechanics and different “Princes” to root for. Each Prince is based on a different animal and has different abilities or winning conditions.

These games also share the same visual style, though the specific Prince illustrations are of course always different.

The name “Throneless” was chosen because in these games …

  • You have no fixed position: you swap places a lot
  • The person sitting on the “throne” each round is important
  • The medieval theme about kings and princes, of course
  • And the first 2 games can be played while standing up (or with minimal table space)


This game actually uses four different fonts. (The first two are called “blackletter” or “fraktur” fonts.)

  • Moderne Fraktur
  • UniFraktur Cook (Bold)
  • Gothic Ultra OT
  • Brygada 1918

Generally, you don’t want to do that. (Two different font families at most! Three if you really, really have to!)

I, however, just couldn’t find a single font of which I liked all the letters, in all situations. The blackletter fonts are pretty, yes, but also pretty unreadable in small sizes or longer paragraphs. And so I ended up needing a new font for new pieces of text every time.

Anyway, I decided these fonts fit together nicely and still kept text easy to read.

Though you can choose, in the settings, if you prefer legibility or want the blackletter juice. That’s another major benefit of a website that generates board game material for you on the fly!

Everything else—assets, code, rules, design, etcetera—is mine. The main emblem (or “coat of arms”) for each pack was generated using image AI, although with a lot of manual work before and after. (For example, the AI doesn’t seem to understand that most animals have 4 legs, not 5.)

This game started as a “queueing game”. I wanted to design games you could play in a queue or waiting room. This meant they had to be very simple, but allow many different group sizes. They had to be playable without table, chairs, or much space at all.

Kingseat was the first game to come out of this journey. It’s not the best, as it still practically requires a table if you want to play. It still turned out a very good game in its own right. The other versions quickly followed, taking the idea in different directions or reworking it for different audiences.

In the end, I decided to rename these “queuing games” to Waitless Games instead. And I decided to not include this project, as the final 2 games are just too impractical to actually play in a queue. Click the link to visit the official page for Waitless Games, which has a growing number of games you can play while waiting somewhere. (And if not, send me an email! I need all the feedback I can get on such experimental ideas.)