The Peerful Project

Free multiplayer games, right in your browser

Your computer is the game, your smartphone the controller.

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Play anywhere, play quickly

The Peerful Project is a collection of free local multiplayer games, immediately playable by anyone with a browser.

Start the game on a computer, connect all smartphone(s), and play begins!

No installation, no controllers

All players use (the browser on) their smartphone to control the game.

You don't need to buy any extra stuff, or teach your grandparents what each button means. They'll already know.


Click on a game to visit its official page

Below is the list of games within the Peerful Project.

They are completely free (no ads, no account, nothing).

Read my Blog: "Why I started the Peerful Project"

Pizza Peers

Tasty cooperative delivery fun

Grab ingredients, create tasty combinations, bake until they're just right, and deliver them before the customer gets angry.

Oh, and some of the players might be ... allergic to certain essential ingredients.