This is one of my oldest projects and thus of a lower quality. You may still try it, of course, but I recommend checking out a newer game! (Click to remove this message.)
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The Animal Bandit

A game for 3–6 smugglers desperate to get that unicorn out of the city.


About this game

This game is as a tiny card game using two innovative mechanics: the idea of smuggling piles and a completely dynamic market

Smuggling Piles

I wanted to make a game where you needed to smuggle one animal (= the unicorn) out of the city. To do so, however, you first had to succesfully fool or pass all other players. I think this mechanic was quite a good idea, although it took some time to figure it out, and I will use it more in the future.

Dynamic Market

I also wanted a game where you could buy/sell animals, and their value would depend on the current market (just like, you know, in real life). This also works quite well, although I think it might have made the game more complex than needed.

Errors? Feedback? Ideas?

This game underwent major changes along the way, which renders most of my old playtests obsolete. Additionally, it’s not as “simple” as I wanted it to be.

If you spot any errors or have ideas for improvements, let me know.