This is one of my oldest projects and thus of a lower quality. You may still try it, of course, but I recommend checking out a newer game! (Click to remove this message.)
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A game for 2–6 cowboys about shooting bullets at the same time … with all the (un)expected consequences. Now including two expansions!


Example game board (during play, prototype stage)

Planned updates

I made this game years ago. It’s fun, it works, otherwise I wouldn’t put it online.

But I’ve learned a lot since then and aim to make these improvements:

  • The game requires you to keep track of damage … but there’s no built-in way to do so.
  • Similarly, it requires you to track how many tiles your bullet has crossed. These are always small numbers, and people might prefer their own methods. Still, a simple score token in the game would do wonders.
  • The rules are manually translated (from Dutch to English). Some non-essential text (such as remarks in example images) is still in Dutch, which isn’t great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this game (for free)? Because I like allowing everyone to play these games, regardless of your income. I also like making innovative games, and this idea of “you’re not a color/pawn, you’re a side of the board” hasn’t been seen before, as far as I can tell.

Nevertheless, if you do enjoy the games I’m creating, please support me by sharing the news, donating, or buying some of my other work.

How difficult is this game? The base rules are six pages. This includes examples, images and rather large fonts. The expansions are two or three pages each.

Will it be updated? A third expansion is in the works and of course the planned updates I outlined above. If you find errors, or improvements, or have other feedback, I will always listen and improve the game. By all other accounts, this game is finished.