A game for 2–6 cowboys about shooting bullets at the same time ... with all the (un)expected consequences. Now including two expansions!

Languages: English, Dutch | Ages: Everyone | Complexity: Easy | Playtime: 30-60 minutes


Important Remarks

The game asks you to keep track of damage. I did not include a way in the rules/materials to do this, for everyone I know has their own preferred method. You can write it own a piece of paper, you can use dice, you can type it on a phone/computer if it's nearby, whatever you like.

Similarly, the game asks you to keep track of how many tiles your bullet has crossed. This is always a small number, so I assume everyone can remember or reconstruct this. However, I do intend on making something to help with this that also fits the game theme.

The rules have two distinct versions: English and Dutch (manual translation, of course). Some non-essential text (such as remarks in example images), however, may still be in the wrong language. I rather spend more time making a good game than translating absolutely everything in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this game for free? Because I like allowing everyone to play these games, regardless of your income. I also like making innovative games, and this idea of "you're not a color/pawn, you're a side of the board" hasn't been seen before, as far as I can tell.

Nevertheless, if you do enjoy the games I'm creating, please support me by sharing the news, donating, or buying some of my other work.

How difficult is this game? The base rules are six pages, but that is including examples and images and rather large fonts. The expansions are two or three pages.

Will it be updated? If you find errors, or improvements, or have other feedback, I will always listen and improve the game. A third expansion is also in the works. By all other accounts, this game is finished.

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