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A One Paper Game for 1–9 players about simultaneously building a city in space.


How to play

Click here to unfold.

What do I need?

Three simple steps.

  • Grab an empty sheet of paper, fold it six times.
  • Click “Download” to find the rulebook. (Only read the first few pages for your first game.)
  • Open the game on any device.

This website handles everything for you. It also shows explanations for all the different buildings and mechanics (if you click on them).

Don’t like blank papers? Use the board generator below to get a random starting setup.


Input your settings below. Press the button to start a game! You'll be taken to a new page.

Choose a handpicked combination of planets if you want to follow a particular theme. Only use this if you've read the rules for all planets before.


Input your settings below. Press the button to generate a random board to copy to your paper, or print as a PDF. (You can skip this completely and play with a blank paper.)

Turns the material mostly grayscale.

Only 3 players maximum? Nope! As stated in the rules, each paper has a maximum of 3 players. So, for example, with 5 players you play on two papers. Copy this same starting setup to all.

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This game is inspired by the boardgame Welcome To …. If you like this game, check out that one!

Fonts are freely available from Google Fonts.

Because the first font looked “space-y”, while legible.Tthe second font looked like the letters were skylines. Perfect!

I’ve also written a detailed devlopment log about the whole process of creating this game: (Devlog) Starry Skylines

Wondering what a game looks like? Here are some of our test games.

Three finished games of Starry Skylines

(Yeah, we couldn’t find any white paper, therefore we used yellow ones. This is a section of the campaign I played with two players; there are more games on the backside of these papers.)