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A One Paper Game for 1–9 players about simultaneously building a city in space.


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How to play

Build the nicest neighbourhood on your planet and score the most points. The problem? Your opponents are doing the same and invading your precious space!

Each round, this website presents three new options. Each player must pick one of the options and execute it.

An option can contain buildings to place, people to add to your buildings, a special effect to execute or a street number to place.

Play continues until the board is full or a player has been unable to do a move for several turns.

Count your people, count your buildings, get awards for special achievements, and voila — the player with the most points wins!

What do I need?

Grab an empty sheet of paper (and some pens), fold it six times, and fire up this website!

Read the rulebook. (Only the first few pages.)

After a quick setup, you can immediately play. What are you waiting for?

This website handles everything for you and shows explanations for all the different buildings and mechanics (if you click on them).


Found a piece of paper and read the rules? You're ready for this part!

At the start of each turn, press the button to generate three new options. Each player must pick exactly one option and execute it!

Forgot what something does? Click/tap it! Or visit this list of everything in the game: Show All Components

Choose a handpicked combination of planets if you want to follow a particular theme. Only use this if you've read the rules for all planets before.


Found a mistake? Anything unclear? Ideas for improvements/expansions?

Don’t hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

This game is absolutely huge (both content and possibilities), so I am sure there are areas that can receive feedback.

(For example, in an earlier version, someone told me that fast travel stations appeared way too often, especially because they aren’t always useful. Feedback like that is awesome and will only improve these games!)

I make these games, for free, to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy games together (as easy and inexpensive as possible).

I’ve also written a detailed devlopment log about the whole process of creating this game: [Devlog] Starry Skylines


This game was fully created by myself (Pandaqi): graphics, rules, website, the whole thing. (I make loads of professional board games and video games, check them out!)

It is heavily inspired by the boardgame Welcome To …. If you like this game, make sure to check that one out as well!

Fonts are freely available from Google Fonts. I use Titillium Web for the body text and Montserrat Subrayada for the headers. (Because the first font looked “space-y” but was also nicely legible, whilst the second font looked like the letters were skylines. Perfect!)

In case you were wondering what the game looks like when playing, here are some of our finished papers from playtest sessions:

Starryskylines finishedgames

(Yeah, we couldn’t find any white paper, therefore we used yellow ones. This is a section of the campaign I played with two players; there are more games on the backside of these papers.)