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Square Ogre is a cute puzzle game with the simplest possible controls (swipe in a direction to move that way). Help Ogre improve his eyesight, so he can finally find the cave exit.

It's based upon a children's story and therefore suitable for all ages. The simple controls allow puzzles to stay small and uncluttered, with the solution often hiding in plain sight ...

500 unique puzzles across 20 worlds will entertain you for tens of hours!

Start of a new world? A brand new mechanic to explore! This makes the game easy to learn, yet varied and challenging.

You'll be opening doors, flying from trampolines, skidding across icy floors, collecting mysterious scrolls, and most importantly ...

... improving his eyesight. The world is so beautiful! There is so much to see! Square eyes just aren't enough to take it all in. Would you help Square Ogre add some more corners to that eye?

The story of Square Ogre doesn't end here! (Well, it does for now, but soon that will change.)

To keep this game simple and streamlined, I decided to split it into two games, with the latter one called Round Ogre.

She has no trouble seeing, with her perfectly round eyes, but ... that creates a whole other sort of trouble.

She's just too enthusiastic about life! She wants to see it all! She can barely keep her eyes closed, but when you finally manage to do so ... well, that's awkward, she might be sleepwalking for quite some time.

Round Ogre (COMING SOON)

This game is actually an extension to an interactive picture book I published in the Netherlands:

Vierkante Ogre (prentenboek)

If you're Dutch, and you like the look of this game, I highly recommend checking out this book and supporting my work!

Below is the setup of Square Ogre's story. This is not part of the game: that just contains the puzzles.

Long ago, Ogres roamed our lands. They were a welcome sight, a happy sight, as they brought joy everywhere with their odd games and interesting sports.

But then they disappeared.

Dear reader, you will learn that a terrible and mysterious curse plagues the Ogrefolk: as they grow older, they become blind! They've tried to escape their cave for centuries now, but nobody can find the exit with their blurry sight.

Until one day Square Ogre wakes up from a nightmare ... and finds himself touched by the curse. His sight becomes fuzzy and any glance at a lamp causes him to lose the game. He can't run through the halls anymore, can't play with this friend Round Ogre, can't do anything!

What's up with this curse? Where does it come from and what does it do? Will he ever be able to see his friend again?

Will the Ogres ever find the exit?

Played the game? Liked it? Didn't like it? Whatever it is, don't hesitate to contact me:

[email protected]

I love hearing your stories. And your feedback will only make this game better.

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