Split the foody header

A bluffin’, stealin’, eatin’ game of food heists and dividing treasure amongst the pearates.


What do I need?

Three simple steps.

  • Read the short playful rules.
  • Download the base game PDF. (Download > Files > Base Game.)
  • Print, cut, play!

Want more? You can also generate your own material right on this website!


Pick your desired settings and click the button! When in doubt, just use the defaults for your first games.

Turns the material mostly grayscale.

Not working? Or unsure what to do? The "Download" button above has PDFs I already made for you! Pick any one of those.


For a while now, the popular author Brandon Sanderson has had a running joke about food heists. One day, I wrote down that it would be a cool title for a game about pirates ignoring treasure but stealing food.

About half a year later, I picked up that idea and actually turned it into a game. So I guess my first credits must go to Brando, though the eventual game barely has anything to do with the original spark.

Besides that, the fonts used are Primitive (headings) and Rosarivo (body text). (I initially used a different pirate-like-font that’s quite common, but ditched it because it looked too clean and similar to the body font.) Parts of the illustrations were generated with AI. Everything else is entirely mine.

I usually pick my next idea based on what is “easiest or simplest to make”. This idea seemed really simple … but I had to do a lot of testing and prototyping to actually make it work, while keeping the rules light. A bit of a misfire from me, but in the end I’m glad I stuck it out and made this game, because it’s quite different from anything else I made before.

For more information, as always, read my detailed developer diary on Pandaqi Blog.