Slippery slopes header

A party game about communicating words by grading them on funky scales.


What do I need?

Three simple steps.

  • Read the short playful rules.
  • Download any single PDF with the base game material. (Download > Files > "1 - Base Set.pdf")
  • Print, cut, play!

Want more? You can also generate your own material right on this website!


Pick your desired settings and press the button! (A new page will open.) When in doubt, just use the defaults for your first game(s).

Turns the material mostly grayscale.

Word Settings

(Click to fold.)
How hard should the words be? Adds geography and proper names of people, brands, ...


(Click to fold.)
Adds actions to help make guessing easier. Slight rule changes and more slider types.

Not working? Or unsure what to do? The "Download" button above has PDFs I already made for you! Pick any one of those.

Using your Phone

By default, this game is completely offline: just download the material once, print it, and play.

It is highly recommended, however, to add a timer to rounds. You can use any timer or app, including my own Pandaqi Timer page.

Or you can simply play the completely digital sequel: Slippery Slopes: Trippy Touches. Playable with just one smartphone, rules explained as you go, still the same fun core mechanic.

Hire me

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Enjoyed my work (or not)? Let me know what you think! Mail me at [email protected] with any feedback.

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The fonts used are Fraunces (soft variation) for text and Super Funtime for headers. Everything else is mine.

This game is a sort of spiritual successor to my That’s Amorphe games. I came up with the idea just as I was finishing the spin-off (That’s Amorphe Pictures), but I had already committed to another project so I couldn’t make it back then.

Additionally, I ran into some problems I didn’t know how to solve yet. Any creative idea starts out way more complicated and messy than the final product—simplifying and streamlining (game) ideas is perhaps the most important skill one can have.

This game takes the same idea of “communicate secret words/concepts in a vague and fun way”, but puts a more precise and focused spin on it this time. The rules are even shorter and players who need a bit more certainty (instead of relying on creativity and inspiration) can find it in this game.

A simple, fast party game for any group!