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Seeing Possibilities

Round Ogre is a puzzle game with the simplest of controls: swipe to move in a direction. (Keyboard and mouse fully supported too.)

But the puzzles are anything but simple. Round Ogre is so excited about everything, that a single move shoots her off into that direction until something stops here.

Guide her to the cave exit to reunite with Square Ogre. But to do so, you’ll have to think creatively and always see all the possibilities …

A Cave of Content

500 puzzles across 31 worlds will entertain you for hours!

Start of a new world? A brand new mechanic to explore! This makes the game easy to learn, yet varied and challenging.

Solving a complete world grants you an optional bonus world, with the toughest testing puzzles.

A free demo is available on the Play Store, supported by ads. (The full game has no ads or restrictions whatsoever.)

The Ways of the Ogre

The prequel, Square Ogre, is all about restoring his eyesight. Each turn you had to take into account how far he could see.

Round Ogre has no such eye troubles. She’s alive and running all the time, which means this game adds other living creatures and a sleep cycle.

You’ll be bouncing from mattrass walls, running into fireflies and glowworms, and venturing over all sorts of terrain.

But most importantly: after all this work, Round Ogre is tired and will fall asleep. Let’s just hope she isn’t in some dangerous spot when it happens.

Square Ogre

This game is the sequel to Square Ogre … sort-of. It’s more of a standalone expansion.

You don’t need to have played the original to enjoy it.

The core objective and input are the same. A handful of basic mechanics and themes are the same as well, and you’ll appreciate those more if you know where they came from.

But in all other ways, this game stands on its own and is completely different.


Feedback is highly appreciated, send me an email at: [email protected]

With every puzzle game, I learn and grow as a developer. This one is already far better (in my opinion) than its prequel, and I plan to make many more puzzle games to entertain players all around the world.

Your feedback matters, it really does. Even if you hate the game, even if you only gave it 10 minutes of your time.

Have fun puzzling Round Ogre to the exit!