Pirate drawingbeard header

Discover the treasure by figuring out what secret visual clues the other players are holding!


What's the idea?

Everyone receives a unique clue in the form of a drawing. For example: “The treasure is next to a palm tree”.

When you know all the clues, they point to exactly one tile on the map: the treasure!

But you can’t just share your clues: you can only ask the players questions in mysterious ways …

This game is a spin-off of Pirate Riddlebeard. It was designed to be language independent (all clues are visual) and use simpler maps and clues. A more kid/family friendly version of the same idea!

What do I need?

Three steps.

  • Read the rules. (Click the “Download” button.)
  • Grab some pens and papers.
  • Start the game on your phone and play!

Reusable version? You can also download a material sheet once and reuse that for all your games!

Phone? You only need a device (and internet) to generate the setup. Once that’s done, you can put it away.

Offline version? There’s a folder called “Generated Games”. Pick one, print it, cut the hints into cards, and you can play completely offline at some later point in time.


Input your desired settings. Click "start game".

For your first game, just input your player count and immediately start. Add the other options when you know the game and want more!

The same seed (max. 20 characters) will always produce exactly the same board. Enable if you're reusing the printed out material sheet. Downloads a PDF with a board and hint cards for offline play. Default maps are grayscale to be print friendly. This adds full color. Produces a game much faster, but can lead to more unfair or chaotic games


(Click to fold.)
Not playable with real/reused material. Players receive 1 hint by default. This allows up to 3. Can make generation faster. Adds many types of hints that are really hard to figure out.

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Enjoyed my work (or not)? Let me know what you think! Mail me at [email protected] with any feedback.

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Alternatives would be to buy my paid work (a win-win situation!). Or to donate through the most popular channels.


Fonts? Chelsea Market for headings and fancy text, Charis Sil for the rest. Both are freely available on Google Fonts.

Website (boards and game)? The Phaser 3 library for displaying the map graphics. Otherwise vanilla JavaScript.

How does this game work? A smart algorithm! It creates a random map and tries to find a set of hints that lead to exactly one tile. I created the original algorithm for Pirate Riddlebeard. Then I refined it and switched to images (instead of text hints) for this game.

Want to know how I made that? Check out the devlog.