Use this demo to instantly try Photomone (and if it works on your device). Once you're ready to start an actual game, scroll down to the game.


Input your settings, click the button. A new page opens and you can immediately play

If unsure, just leave all settings as they are.

How hard should the words be? How many seconds you have per drawing? Explains how to play while taking your first few turns. Adds dots with special powers.

Word Categories

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This game is a (completely digital) spin-off for Photomone. It is played on one device (preferably a tablet or smartphone), instead of drawing on a physical paper. It’s simplified in some ways, and changed in others to use the computer for cool stuff!

For a detailed diary about the game, check out the devlog.

Photomone now has a spin-off that turns the game on its head. The result is something similar to popular games like "Codenames". Check out Photomone: Antsassins.