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A party game about communicating a secret code to your team mates. But the code is made out of weird shapes—and you may only say words.


What do I need?

Three simple steps.

  • Read the short playful rules.
  • Click “Download”, go to “Files”, and pick any one of the Beginner’s Sets.
  • Print it, cut it, play!

Want more? You can generate your own PDF with material below, according to your wishes. (Or, at the “Download”, handpick your own Code Cards and Tiles combo.)

Hey, Pandaqi here! This game is quite experimental. It requires your group to be imaginative and take creative leaps, otherwise it falls flat. I am open to any feedback on how to improve it. If you read my devlog, you’ll see how much I struggled to make it “good enough”.


Input your settings, click the button. A new page will open that generates a nice PDF for you!

Turns the material mostly grayscale.

What to include?

Optional; you only need one set of these to play forever. Can be left out to make a first game simpler to learn.

Everything is sorted based on how easy it is to play. Rectangles are more predictable (and easy to see shapes in) than hexagons or triangles. The same is true Photomone and Mosaic vs the rest.

Not working? Don't worry! At the "Download" link, you can also find PDFs I already generated for you.

Hire me

Are you a games publisher? I'm always open to inquiries about publishing one of my games.

Need a special board game or video game? Maybe for a birthday, school or another purpose?

Contact me! You can ask me anything—I don't bite! In fact, I've never bitten anyone.

If unsure, visit my portfolio to learn more about my work. You can also contact me through there, as I'm a registered freelance artist in the Netherlands.


Enjoyed my work (or not)? Let me know what you think! Mail me at [email protected] with any feedback.

That's already a great way to support me.

Alternatives would be to buy my paid work (a win-win situation!). Or to donate through the most popular channels.


The fonts used are Proza Libre and GelDotica. All other assets and code are mine.

This game is a spin-off of Photomone . Visit the original game for more information and more fun!

For a detailed diary about the game, check out the devlog.

Photomone now has a spin-off you can play entirely on a smartphone or tablet! Check out Photomone: Digital Ant-ists.