This is one of my oldest projects and thus of a lower quality. You may still try it, of course, but I recommend checking out a newer game! (Click to remove this message.)
Paperthieves header

A One Paper Game for 2–6 players about stealing treasures from real-life locations … or your fellow players.


Example game board (Map: Amsterdam)

What's this about?

All players play the head of a thieving crew, obsessed with stealing treasures and then fleeing the city.

Coincidentally, they also win the game if they do that.

On your turn, take one of these actions:

  • Move yourself: if you end on a treasure spot, you grab it. But you can’t go past police or other players.
  • Move police: move the police through the city.

Each treasure gives you special powers. But the police might also have some special powers …

A game about stealing the most useful treasures before anyone else, setting yourself up for a quick exit, and making sure your fellow players don’t completely block all your passages.