A One Paper Game for 2–6 players about stealing treasures from real-life locations ... or your fellow players.

Ages: everyone | Complexity: Easy | Playtime: 30 minutes


What's this about?

All players play the head of a thieving crew, obsessed with stealing X number of treasures and then fleeing the city. (Where "X" depends on player count.)

Coincidentally, they also win the game if they do that.

On your turn, you can take one of these actions:

  • Move yourself: move yourself through the city. If you end on a treasure spot, you grab it. But you can't go past police or other players.
  • Move police: move the police through the city.

Each treasure gives you special powers. But the police might also have some special powers ...

A game about stealing the most useful treasures before anyone else, setting yourself up for a quick exit, and making sure your fellow players don't completely block all your passages.

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