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Hit the ball. Score goals. On multiple fields at the same time.

Accidentally own goaled somewhere? You’ll have to live with the consequences …

This game was made as a “weekend project”! It’s finished and fun, but obviously not the same quality and size as my other (paid) releases.

What's this?

A game for 1–6 players on keyboard/gamepad. (Solo mode is supported, though not the best mode.)

You’re playing within five seconds and literally everyone can join: all you do is move around. If you press “up” (for example), your character goes up in all fields.

Walk into the ball to move it. A normal goal gives you 1 point. But if you were the last one to touch the ball, and it goes in your goal, the opponent gets 10 points.

When someone own goals, a field is removed or added. Teleports allow travel between these fields … but using one might also trigger a powerup, which can be really good or really bad for you.


This game …

  • Is made with Godot Engine 4
  • Uses the font Rubik Mono One, freely available on Google Fonts
  • Used the Song Maker website for the soundtrack. Creating a few melodies of equal length and randomly overlapping them.
  • Is completely my work otherwise.

As always, I’m open to bug fixes, ideas, improvements, so long as they don’t take longer than the time spent on the original game.

Read the full devlog for the details behind the development: [Devlog] Own Goals Not Allowed (on Pandaqi Blog)

Let me know your thoughts at: [email protected]

Quite irrelevant remarks

Yes, the game title is incorrect, as own goals are in fact allowed. They’re just not a good idea.

But “Own Goals Purposely Discouraged Through Game Mechanics” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Team colors are randomized when the game loads. If you don’t like a color scheme, restart the game.