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A One Paper Game for 2–8 players about running your own pizza business, but a raging rivalry forbids crossing paths with other pizza couriers.


“ This game made me realize several things: I love food, I cannot draw straight lines, and I was born to be a ruthless pizza courier. ”
“ I suspect 50% of the players will not appreciate the cheesy pun in the title. As they say: tomatoes before swine. ”
“ A steaming hot game with delicious decisions, tasty competitiveness, topped with maze-like mechanics and a side dish of pizza parcour possibilities. ”

What's the idea?

Click here to open the (shortened) rules overview.

What do I need?

Three steps …

  • Generate a random game board below and print it
  • Read the rules. (Click “download” to find the PDF.)
  • Grab some pens and some friends. (Use different colors if possible.)

Concerned about ink? Only page 1, 2 and 4 of the rulebook are relevant for the base game. There’s also an option to create “print friendly” boards.

Tip for Teaching? Explain the “Move” action in detail, as that is the core of the game. Say the “Reset” action will be explained whenever someone gets stuck. Then just place the list of ingredients on the table so everyone can look up their power when you “Eat” them. Start playing!

Board Generation

Input your desired settings. Click "Generate Board", save the PDF, print it.

The same seed (max. 20 characters) will always produce exactly the same board. Higher means more curving streets, irregular building shapes, and distinct areas. Choose whatever you prefer. Removes many decorational elements and turns the board (mostly) grayscale.


Not working? Don't worry. Click the "Download" button and you'll also find a folder with premade boards. Use one of those instead! (And send me an email with details about what isn't working.)

Feedback & Credits

Feedback is welcome! Let me know about your positive and negative experiences at: [email protected]

The whole game was made by myself (Pandaqi): concept, rules, visuals, and the code that generates those random boards.

Interested how this works? Check out my devlogs at Pandaqi Blog.

Here are links to the specific first articles:

  • [Devlog] One Pizza => about the general process, issues I faced, how I solved them, changes and different versions of the game, explanations about what works (and doesn’t work) for boardgames, …
  • [Technical Devlog] One Pizza => explains the algorithms and code behind randomly generating complex game boards, which are still balanced and fun to play at all times.)

The fonts used are Leckerli One (because it just looked like a font you’d find on a pizza box) and Nunito (the body font—minimal, readable, available in many different weights)

All visuals were drawn in Affinity Designer as vector art, the game board generated using JavaScript and Phaser v3game engine.