Everyone steers the same car. Will you make it to the finish?

A cooperative game for 2–10 players about guessing the actions of your fellow players, creating a solid plan without saying anything ... and then failing to execute that plan and driving your car into a lake.

Languages: EN,NL | Ages: Everyone | Complexity: Easy | Playtime: 30-60 minutes


What do I need?

This game is "print 'n play", which means you can play it for free by taking these simple steps:

  1. Click the "Download" button to go to my Google Drive.
  2. Once there, download the Rules and Files in your preferred language.
  3. Print the files (6 pages in total) and cut out any cards/tiles.
  4. Read/print the rules (6 pages—including images, examples, and clarifications)
  5. Find some friends and start playing!

Each game I create has been thoroughly playtested and designed as professionally as possible. Nevertheless, if you find errors, unclear rules, or have ideas for improvements, never hesitate to let me know: [email protected]

How does it work?

To win the game, you need to drive to the finish line. However, all players are steering the car simultaneously.

Each round, you extend the road, reveal a new "instruction" from your navigation, and hand out some cards. (These cards contain instructions like "drive forward" or "turn to the left".)

Without communicating, players need to play cards from their hands face-down, until the complete row has been filled.

Then the magic happens! Reveal all the instructions and execute them, moving the car over the road.

If you ignore the navigation instruction, or simply take too long to reach the finish, you collectively lose the game!

And if you accidentally drive off the road (and perhaps even off the game board) ... your car will be severely damaged. And no, finishing with a car that's total loss does not count.

(This is a quick overview of the rules. Read the rulebook for specifics. It's a simple game, really, but so much fun :) )


This game has, so far, been enjoyed the most by all my playtesters. It also has loads of possibilities, which is why I am working on expansions!

The base game is about steering a car together, but what if you were steering a train instead? Or flying airplanes? Or sitting on a boat?

The grand plan is to make a separate and unique game for each vehicle, but also a way to play all of them simultaneously. These are the planned expansions:

  • Singing Sails
  • Troublesome Trains
  • Frightening Flights
  • Naivigation: Around the World
  • (Base game: also has some minor expansions in the works)

I wanted to make the base game as perfect as possible, before diving into spin-offs. As I write this (May 2020), I deem the base game finished and can start executing the other ideas.

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