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Give message. They guess. Only cave drawings. Nothing else. More guess is more good. Party game. Hum.


What do I need?

Three simple steps.

  • Read the short playful rules.
  • Download any single PDF with the base game material. (Download > Files > "1 - Base Set.pdf")
  • Print, cut, play!

Want more? You can also generate your own material right on this website!


Pick your desired settings and press the button! (A new page will open.) When in doubt, just use the defaults for your first game(s).

Turns the material mostly grayscale.

What to generate?

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If you already have these, or plan on using something else, you can disable this.

Word preferences?

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Includes names of popular people, brands, etcetera Raises the max difficulty of words that can appear.

Not working? Or unsure what to do? The "Download" button above has PDFs I already made for you! Pick any one of those.

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The fonts used are Boblox Classic (headings, decorative text) and Averia Serif Libre (body, longer paragraphs). Both are freely available online. Some generative AI was used for backgrounds, everything else is entirely mine.

This game was just a simple idea I wanted to quickly create. A party game where you had to communicate words using rudimentary cave drawings? Sounded like it could work, so I didn’t linger and just made it.

(It originated as a possible party game to play on the computer, where everyone connected using their phone. I might still make that, with the same name and graphics, at some later date. Because I recently figured out how I can create and provide such play-with-your-phone games for free!)

The key word here is simplicity. Anybody can play this game within 30 seconds. It’s a great quick party game that combines language and visual creativity, which makes it a good fit for just about any group. At the same time, there isn’t any more depth or strategy underneath it all.

You also might wonder “aren’t some of these cave drawings a little too modern?” Well, while writing and researching my Saga of Life stories (about human history and origins of life), I repeatedly realized that just because they could not write doesn’t mean they didn’t have clothes, tools, games, etcetera. We might have invented the knitting needle before any other tool. Dice, and what could possibly be betting chips, have been found on very old archeological sites.

Their understanding of the world, their spoken language, might have been on par with ours. Because why wouldn’t it be? The prehistoric times lasted waaay longer than our modern times. They actually lived in nature and had to use and understand it every day. Science even shows they were healthier and more creative than modern day humans in some respects.