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A word game like Scrabble, but faster, simpler and more exciting. A hybrid (board game + video game) version of the Keebble Games idea.


What do I need?

Three steps.

You can start completely blank. Or you can use the board generator below to get a nice random starting setup!


Pick your desired settings and press the button! (A new page will open.) When in doubt, just use the defaults for your first game(s).

Turns the material mostly grayscale. If you want to print this PDF and directly play on that. Walls are useful on small boards to allow more words. When playing with the special cells expansion.

Not working? Or unsure what to do? The "Download" button above has PDFs I already made for you! Pick any one of those.


Input your settings, click the button. A new page opens with the game interface!

That's not a word!

Having discussions about whether something is a word? Use my dictionary as your judge.

It only contains more common or popular words. Using it will solve this issue for groups endlessly debating what is a valid word!

Hire me

Are you a games publisher? I'm always open to inquiries about publishing one of my games.

Need a special board game or video game? Maybe for a birthday, school or another purpose?

Contact me! You can ask me anything—I don't bite! In fact, I've never bitten anyone.

If unsure, visit my portfolio to learn more about my work. You can also contact me through there, as I'm a registered freelance artist in the Netherlands.


Enjoyed my work (or not)? Let me know what you think! Mail me at [email protected] with any feedback.

That's already a great way to support me.

Alternatives would be to buy my paid work (a win-win situation!). Or to donate through the most popular channels.


Check out the main project page at Keebble Games for the credits and more information.

This version simplifies many things, at the cost of requiring one device while playing. Why? Because now the device does the heavy lifting for you. It tracks score, it tracks letters, it tracks when the game ends, etcetera.

For a detailed diary about the game, check out the devlog.