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A word game like Scrabble, but played using letters that change when viewed from different directions. A domino-based spin-off of Keebble.


What do I need?

Three steps.

  • Read the playful rules.
  • Click the “Download” button and pick any one PDF with the material (4 pages)
  • Download, print and cut it. Play!

Want more? Use the domino generator below to generate a new PDF with completely new dominoes to play with!

Random Dominoes

Input your settings. Click the button. A new page opens and generates your PDF!

Removes most color to preserve ink. Adds a hint on the symbols about what letter they are from each direction. Useful when playing with kids or those with impaired vision.


(Click to fold.)
Adds symbols that are harder to read. Allows more unique letter combinations.

That's not a word!

Having discussions about whether something is a word? Use my dictionary as your judge.

It only contains more common or popular words. Using it will solve this issue for groups endlessly debating what is a valid word!

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Check out the original version (Keebble) for the credits and more information.

This version is a “traditional” board game. Grab your material (lots of dominoes) once and play with it forever. No blank papers or devices needed during play.

Of course, the interesting letters (that look like different letters from different angles) and domino rules make this game anything but regular!

For a detailed diary about the game, check out the devlog.