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Once upon a time, a witch gave two lovers a terrible curse: they were never allowed to see each other again!

The only way to make the witch change her mind, is by solving 40 puzzles and proving your love is strong enough.

But how, if they may never look at each other?

Well, by making a leap of faith.

The only way to pass each stage, is by falling backwards from a great height. Falling into your lover’s arms … that’s how love will bloom tonight.

Co-op Puzzling

“Into My Arms” is a local multiplayer game: each player simply controls one of the two lovers!

This game is perfect to play with a friend, or for a parent to play with their kids, or maybe even as an ice-breaker on a first date :p

Single player mode is equally enjoyable, but harder. It’s more challenging to keep track of two players on your own!

Deluxe Edition

This game was originally made in two weeks for the Github Game Off (a month-long game contest). It won 11th place (out of 237)!

This motivated me to turn it into a full game, which is the version you see on this page.

Source code (for the original version) is still available here: Into My Arms (Source)

Interesting facts

The title of the game is taken from the beautiful song Into My Arms by Nick Cave.

The game has 40 levels and a story about love and faith that elegantly matches all the mechanics in the game.

The game was made in Godot Game Engine