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Buenos Dias!

My name is Pandaqi. (Or Tiamo Pastoor in the real world, where I happen to live as well.)

I’ve been creating games for over 10 years, specializing in local multiplayer games

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Local Multiplayer?

A few years ago I realized I barely played games. Me, an actual game developer, never played games.

Why? Well, all my time was spent playing board games!

I play games because of the social experience. I don’t want to play alone. Looking back at my earliest game projects, it seems obvious: all of them featured local multiplayer.

Pandaqi mission

My mission

I decided to focus my game studio on local multiplayer games.

I think there aren’t enough games in that genre, while they actually hold tremendous value: I’ve seen people become friends or revive lost relationships because of it. People still remind me of shared moments in a game, many years after we already finished it.

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Follow the mission!

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I believe there is value in using as few social platforms as possible—to respond quickly and spend my time efficiently—so I decided to use three main platforms: email, YouTube, and

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What games can I expect?

I develop both Desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux) and Mobile (Android/iOS) games. The dream is to add consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch) to that list.

All games are local multiplayer, though other modes are often added, and family-friendly. It’s usually cooperative and as accessible as possible, to get even non-gamers playing.

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Tools I use

I try to use the best tool for the job, not a fixed toolset. These are the tools, however, that stayed with me all those years

  • Game Engines: Godot (main one), Phaser, LÖVE, Solar2D, Unity
  • Graphics: Blender (3D), Affinity Designer (2D Vector), Krita (2D Drawing)
  • Audio: Studio One (I also have a small studio with mics, guitars, etc.), Audacity
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