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A cooperative One Paper Game for 2–7 players about fighting an uncontrollable pandemic


Who will you be?

Example of Game Board (Map: Netherlands)
Cartoon Medics

Team Medics

Your job is to discover the vaccine and keep the virus from spreading too much.

On your turn, take one of these actions:

  • Move: move your character to a new city
  • Quarantine: close the city you’re currently in (disallowing anyone from entering or leaving)
  • Research: you may ask the virus a question (such as “is this city infected?”) or take a step towards a vaccine … but for a price
  • Cure: cure all sick people in your city (if the vaccine has been discovered)

You may do as many actions as you wish. But you must pay for each of them by moving someone across the board. Which might just help the virus spread a little faster …

You have one big advantage: you can cooperate with all the other medic players, each of which has a unique ability (and gets a turn every round).

But there’s a huge disadvantage: you can only move healthy people. Even worse: the virus can move unseen, while you have to take and discuss your actions out in the open!

Cartoon Virus

Team Virus

Your job is to infect as many cities as possible. (Or overwhelm the medics and prevent them from creating a vaccine.)

Take one of these actions:

  • Move: move a sick person to a new city
  • Quarantine: sneakily evade quarantine or add it … but for a price
  • Outbreak: pick a healthy city that has sick people in it; you may infect everyone in the city at once!

You use a secret part of the board to infect cities, which means medics will have a tough time figuring out the mysterious ways of a virus …

Random Events

This is an expansion to the base game. It introduces a random event at the start of each round, to shake things up and add extra challenge.

How does it work? At the start of a game, go to this website and click the button below. Whenever you start a new round, click the button again to get a new event.

Beware! Do not refresh/close this page during the game, as you’ll lose your event progress.

Generate Events!