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Creature Quellector (Rules)



Create a deck with 5 cards per player (the actual cards inside do not matter). Shuffle. Deal all players 5 cards.



The game ends when a player is out of cards, or all players have decided they’re done.

The winner is the player with the strongest squad in their hand.



Youngest player starts. Take clockwise turns. On your turn …

  • Pick an opponent who is not “done”.
  • Pick a number: 1, 2 or 3.
  • You and your opponent choose that many cards from your hand (your Squad)
  • Reveal your squads at the same time and decide who wins (see next section)
  • Trade squads. (You get the opponent’s squad, they get yours.) However, the winner picks one card that they do not have to give away.
The five simple steps of every turn, visualized.

You can’t pick a number larger than the number of cards you or your opponent have.

After the fight, if you’re satisfied with your squad, you can decide to stop. Say “I’m Done!” You don’t get any more turns. (Un-spread your hand to signal this.)

Your opponent can do so too, after you’ve chosen what to do.


What different card parts mean.

Creatures always belong to one element (their “main type”; the large icon in the center and corners). The rest of the card has a mix of powers: types and actions.

Determine your squad’s strength with three simple steps.

  1. The player who has the most actions, must execute one of them. (If tied, defender wins.)
  2. Every type is worth +1 point for you.
  3. However, types that match an element played by the opponent are worth nothing for you. (They are “Countered”.)
An example of how to resolve a battle (actions, counters, sum what's left).

The player with the highest score wins. If tied, defender wins.

When calculating your final score at the end of the game, pretend you’re fighting your own hand!

  • All your elements Counter yourself.
  • All actions score +1 point, but can be Countered as usual.
  • The actions from the player who has the most (out of all players), however, aren’t countered. (They all count +1, always.)



Each game will have 4 elements (red, blue, green, purple). Each element has 4 options to choose from, which you can pick on the website.

Each action tells you whether it must be executed BEFORE the fight or AFTER it.



Red stands for aggression, attacking, destroying.

BEFORE: Take 1 Squad card into your hand (from any squad).
AFTER: The loser steals one card or gives away one card to the winner.
BEFORE: Pick a type. Its icons count double!
BEFORE: Add one more card from your hand to one of the squads.
Click a symbol to see its name / meaning.



Blue stands for change, multitype, fluidity.

BEFORE: Swap 1 card from your squad with 1 from your hand.
BEFORE: For every card with multiple types, pick only one that counts (for that card).
BEFORE: Pick 2 types. All icons of type 1 turn into type 2.
BEFORE: Swap 1 card from your squad with 1 card from the opponent's squad.
Click a symbol to see its name / meaning.



Green stands for defense, blocking, safety.

BEFORE: Pick a type. Ignore it entirely. (Icons are worth 0 points and main types do not Counter anything.)
BEFORE: Pick a type. It cannot be Countered.
AFTER: Pick a card. It does not get traded (after the fight).
AFTER: If one of the players says they're "done", the other must do so too.
Click a symbol to see its name / meaning.



Purple stands for revealing, randomness, surprises.

AFTER: The loser must show their whole hand to everyone.
BEFORE: Both players add 1 (secret) card to the opponent's squad. The attacker decides: continue fighting, or cancel the fight.
AFTER: Both players permanently reveal 1 card from their hand. (Rotate it to face away from you.)
BEFORE: Pick a type. All its icons become a penalty (worth -1 instead of +1).
Click a symbol to see its name / meaning.

About the “Magic” action:

  • If you continue the fight, reveal the extra secret cards and continue as normal.
  • If you cancel the fight, both players take their squads back into their hand, and nothing more happens.