Carvingpumpkins header

A party game about slicing your friends into smaller and smaller pieces, or protecting a huge dumpling from meeting the same fate.

Each knife thrown has the potential to deflect off the environment, get stuck in something, or realistically slice through your opponent’s character.

But no matter the result, you’ll have to retrieve it and go again. Without getting decimated along the way.

Fun for the whole family, with a unique and intuitive system for slicing anything in two.

What's Pumpkinside?

Here are the highlights:

  • Player count? 2-8 Players. You can easily team up or add bots.
  • Input? Keyboard & Controller.
  • Tutorial? Interactive, only seconds long
  • Complexity? Anyone can play. Two buttons is all you get.
  • Variety? Loads of it. Different modes, different arenas, many powerups, bonus rules to turn on/off, unique shapes for players to start with, and more!
  • Scary? Not at all. The Halloween theme is there to add extra spice. It remains a cartoony family-friendly game. Not a single drop of blood is shown.

The game can be played solo, but it’s not the recommended way to play, as the bots are quite dumb.

How does it work?

Move around! While holding the “throw” button, you rotate and power up (to aim). Release to throw your knife!

Once someone has become too small, they are out of the game. (Other minigames are included with different objectives, such as collecting the parts that come off sliced players.)

This means you only need to learn two buttons for the whole game. Aiming well, on the other hand …

Gather your friends or family and carve some pumpkins!

Just a slice

Although this party game is simple to learn and explain, it’s overflowing with content. The rules explained above are just a slice of the full package.

You get 5 game modes, 8 arenas, 17 powerups, 9 things to throw and 10 rules to turn on/off

Remark: one rule turns off heavy visual effects that might be too much for hypersensitive people, or too much for your broken old laptop. The tutorial can also be toggled quickly in case any newcomers want to join.