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One Paper Games

These games only require you to print a single sheet of paper and find a pen(cil) somewhere! (Sometimes even a blank paper is enough!)

You can download, explain, carry, play or pause these games instantly, because of their simplicity and low requirements.

Additionally, they are language-independent: only one person needs to understand English to read the rules, all other files don’t have (essential) text.

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Hybrid games are a combination of a boardgame and a video game.

In other words, they have an offline component (usually a physical board, pieces, cards, etc.) and a digital component (their website), which work together to create magic.

Sometimes an offline mode is present or the digital component is optional. But the reason I make these games is precisely because a digital component adds so many possibilities you don’t want to miss!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Illustration

How does it work?

Click on a game, any game.

This will take you to the official game page, with a big button labeled “Download”.

Clicking it leads to a folder with all the files. (I use Google Drive, quick and free for anyone.)

The structure is always as follows:

  • Rules contains the rulebook
  • Files contains any files to print (often these are optional)
  • Premade contains PDF files of full games to download

“Premade”? Many of my games can be played by using the website for something. But sometimes you want to play offline, or the website might not work, or you might not understand it 100%. That’s why I always provide the premade games you can just download and play later.

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Print & Play

It means you can download the game files, print them yourself, and then play them — for free!

This system has a few obvious disadvantages: the components aren’t as nice and game quality isn’t guaranteed.

But also numerous advantages: you get free games, I can create any game I want (not just whatever is “commercially viable”), and games are constantly updated (using your feedback)!

Additionally, as this page shows, there are many game types … that are literally impossible any other way.

Copyright? I maintain the motto "Don't steal my games, share them". Feel free to play these games, share them with others, customize them to your liking, and let them inspire you. Do not copy the name/concept, rules or graphic assets and/or present them as your own, especially not for commercial purposes. Credit me when talking about my work, to support the free creation of these games and to keep this website online.