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One Paper Games

These games only require you to print a single sheet of paper and find a pen(cil) somewhere! (Sometimes even a blank paper is enough!)

This simplicity is great. You can download, explain, carry, play or pause these games instantly.

Additionally, they are language-independent. Only one person needs to understand English to read the rules, all other files don’t have (essential) text.

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Hybrid games are a combination of a board game and a video game.

In other words, they have an offline component (usually a physical board, pieces, cards, etc.) and a digital component (their website), which work together to create magic.

Sometimes an offline mode is present or the digital component is optional. But the reason I make these games is precisely because a digital component adds so many possibilities you don’t want to miss!

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Traditional Games

These are my “regular” boardgames. They are more similar to the typical boardgame, unlike my hybrid games that add a digital element.

Older games are available in multiple languages: Dutch and English. Newer ones are completely English.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Ilustration)

How does it work?

Click on a game to reach the official game page.

It has a big button labeled “Download”. Clicking that leads to a folder with all the files. (I use Google Drive, quick and free for anyone.)

The structure is always as follows:

  • Rules contains the rulebook
  • Files contains any files to print

Most of the time, those files are optional. Because my games are often randomly generated or have expansions, the Files folder provides all those options, but you only need to pick one PDF. (The precise material you need is always explained in the rules and on the page.)

The files are also usually sorted. For a first game you can just pick the very first file (starting with a “1”) and be on your way!

The project sometimes contains a third folder called “Vault”. That’s where I store backups of older versions or variants.

Print 'n Play (Ilustration)

Print & Play

It means you can download the game files, print them yourself, and then play them—for free!

  • Advantages: you get free games, I can create any game I want (not just whatever is “commercially viable”), and games are constantly updated (using your feedback)! It’s way more environmentally friendly and there are many game types that wouldn’t be possible any other way (as my most experimental games show).
  • Disadvantages: you have to do a tiny bit of work to get the game. Also, the components aren’t as nice and game quality isn’t guaranteed.

This website has detailed metadata per project to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see things like supported player counts, language, genre, game mechanics. Click on any of them to find all games that match.
  • At the top of most board games is a summary of that, showing only complexity, player count, and playtime.
  • Playtime is a guess based on my own testing, certainly not a guarantee. It is measured in minutes, rounded to nicer values.
  • Because I strive to make the absolute simplest games possible, it turned out to be useless to call games “easy, medium, hard”. Instead, Complexity has more specific values: no brainer, kids could play, simple, regular, challenge.

All games on this website are completely developed by me and unavailable anywhere else. If you want to find other print-and-play games (potentially of famous games you already love!) check out these other resources:

  • Asmodee has an excellent website with print-and-play versions for many of their (famous) games!
  • PNP Arcade brings together both free and paid PNP versions of games of many different publishers