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[Pizza Peers] Random city and room generation

This is part 7 in my article series about how I created "Pizza Peers". If you haven't read the previous articles, be sure to do so now! Here's the link: How I Created "Pizza Peers"

This is what the average city in the game "Pizza Peers" looks like:

Random city generation in Pizza Peers

There are ingredient locations, lots of regu...

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Date: April 12th at 12:18pm

How to create AI opponents - Part 1

Recently, I was creating a little mobile game. I wanted to test a prototype idea, create a quick fun thing to do whenever I needed to wait somewhere, and most of all: keep it simple.

As usual, I failed miserably when I had the thought: “what if I added computer opponents to the game and trained th...

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Date: March 10th at 2:37pm

Corona Engine - Success & Horror Stories

This article is an addition to my review of the Corona game engine. (Click here to read that: Corona Engine - Review)

After using the engine (intensively) for a few months, I have a few anecdotes I wanted to share. These are hopefully fun and educational to read, and highlight the strengths an...

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Date: March 8th at 2:56pm

Testing the new system

I've used WordPress for all my blogging needs for almost ten years now. I thought it was time for something else. Something faster, modern, lightweight, and all those buzzwords.

So I stumbled upon Grav.

This post is my first test with the Grav system, its structure, how to create blog posts (...

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Date: March 1st at 10:47am