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Brush your friends aside and draw out their defenses in this creative game of air hockey … with a twist.


Your objective? Shoot the ball against your opponent’s goal.

How? By drawing lines to deflect the ball.

Problems? You only have limited ink, and can only draw one line at a time.

The catch? The previous line you’ve drawn … becomes your next goal!


Play with up to three friends on the same device!

Defend against attacks from all sides, grab the powerups you need, and deflect the ball into your opponent’s goal … all with a single, swift stroke of the brush.


  • 1–4 players supported (on the same device)
  • Creative and unique gameplay involving drawing
  • Computer opponents trained using advanced Machine Learning. (In other words: they’re good, really good.)
  • Three challenging game modes
  • 15+ game-changing powerups


In case you've forgotten what a powerup does, or want a glimpse of what you can unlock, I present The Great Library of Powerups!

The full library of powerups


I strive to create innovative multiplayer games, for all ages, to bring people together in real life.

But I know there’s a great risk to buying multiplayer games: how often do you even have time to play a game with your friends or family? How can you be sure?

As such, I provide these games for free, no matter how good I think they are.

Within the game, you can (only if you want to) watch an advertisment to receive extra content, such as powerups. Doing so would already be a great way to support me!