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About Us

Hello, I am Pandaqi, a guy trying to bring you free tutorials on anything. I am located in the Netherlands, and love to learn new stuff.

That is why I started this website to keep a database of my knowledge and that of geniusses around me. You can provide feedback on what you would like to know or what isn't exactly clear, and I will update the tutorials for you as quickly as possible.

I am currently a student at TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven), trying to absorb knowledge related to Applied Mathematics.

That means that I won't always be able to quickly react on your feedback, and that it sometimes takes some time for a new course to be added, but I try to produce high-quality content at a high rate. First of all for myself, but I always optimize it before I put it on this website.

Anyway, I would love it if you use this website and get inspired by it, and you are free to talk to me about subjects any time you want. Visit the contact page for that!