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How to Become a (Better) Writer

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1. Overview of Contents

Everybody knows how to write – in some way at least. Elementary school had you learning grammar by writing stories, while high school required you to write essays and reports. If you have passed these, you should at least have the vocabulary, grammar and spelling knowledge to write something. Anything, from a simple short story, to a news report, to an epic fantasy trilogy.

This guide will therefore not teach you any of those three fundamentals of writing, but will provide you with guidelines and tips to use when writing. These are not about how to make up an interesting plot, or your own unique, lively characters, but rather about the actual writing in itself.

The best order to put a sentence in, which words to put in or exclude from all your writing efforts, how to create a rhythmic tale, using tropes to your advantage – all will be discussed.

But, you must note and remember very well that I said guidelines. Generally speaking, the tips will make any writing better, clearer and more imaginative. But, breaking the rules is sometimes the better way to go or needed to create a certain effect. Try out the guidelines on your writing, and then see for yourself when it works.

The course is setup in such a way that we start with the smallest elements – words and punctuation – and then move our way up the textual ladder to the largest elements; rhythm and anything concerning the whole of your story.

One final comment before we begin: this is a tutorial series, which means it is intended to convey ideas, principles and theory in the best and most understandable way possible. I don’t follow the rules all the time, nor is it my intention to create perfect, moving prose with a tutorial. It is solely meant for educating purposes. Read books or well-written news articles if you want to read these principles applied out in the real world.

Overview of Contents

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Punctuation
  3. Sentence Structure
  4. Rhythm
  5. Dialogue
  6. Paragraphs, Chapters & Endings
  7. Description
  8. Tropes
  9. Drafts & Revisions
  10. General Tips & Tricks
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