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The HTML5 Guide

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1. Table of Contents

Without HTML, there would be no internet as we know it today. Internet in itself is nothing more than an interconnected network of servers, and when you access such a server, you access its filesystem. For example, the homepage of nearly every website is a file called index.html. When your browser requests a certain URL, all it does is ask the corresponding server for that file. Once it has received it, it parses the file as HTML code and displays it in an interactive way. It might contain links pointing to other files on the same server, or even links pointing to a different server, creating that interconnected network.

As you can see, a website is nothing more than a set of files on a server. The most important building block out of these is the HTML file that is requested first, which this course will teach you all about. When you’re done, you can use this fundamental knowledge to continue learning the other languages of the web to craft stunning websites and maybe even games or apps.

Originally, the web was intended for public sharing of text only. With time, however, it has grown into a massive multimedia platform. Therefore, learning pure HTML these days isn’t enough, which is why I decided to create two separate courses teaching you how to create (dynamic) graphics on the web (canvas and SVG).

I hope this course will be the start of your journey into the wonderful world of the web!

Table of Contents

  1. What is HTML?
  2. Tags & Elements
  3. Page Structure: Head & Body
  4. Attributes
  5. Blocks
  6. Paragraphs & Headings
  7. Links
  8. Images
  9. Lists
  10. Text Formatting
  11. Code Formatting
  12. Quotations & Citations
  13. Tables
  14. Forms
  15. The Input Element
  16. Input Attributes
  17. Form Elements
  18. Iframes
  19. Head
  20. Charsets, Symbols & Entities
  21. Audio & Video
  22. HTML5 Elements
  23. Conclusion: what now?
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