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How to Mix & Master Audio

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1. Overview of Contents...

Mixing audio has become a somewhat popular term lately, just as lots of people have a job during the day and are a DJ at night. While audio mixing is especially vital to that kind of music, it actually plays an important role everywhere in the music industry. If you want to produce your own album, or maybe just want a single song you’ve written to be recorded professionally, you’ll have to learn what makes the audio mixing and mastering business tick.

This guide will try to give you the best options for your tools and software, but most of its articles will be spend on basic theory of sound and the core mixing tools and strategies. These are universally represented, which means you should be able to adapt them to your own situation without any problems.

The first chapter will be all about what software and hardware you need, so I recommend you read through that (or have your own choice of setup installed) before doing anything else.

Overview of Contents:

  1. Choosing a DAW & Tools
  2. Audio and Sound Waves Theory
  3. Terminology & Common Practices.
  4. Monitoring
  5. Core Controls – Volume & Panning
  6. Core Controls – Timing & Automation
  7. Compression
  8. EQ
  9. Delay & Reverb
  10. Tips & Tricks
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